At, we value our customers and we know how precious their time is. We also know that privacy, confidentiality and security are important so these are areas we pay a lot of attention to. Our personnel employ every available method to protect personal information from harm. So, what data do we actually collect, why, and how do we use it? Please keep reading to understand our reasons.          

We aim to provide all customers with the finest quality service. To achieve this, there is certain information we collect about web visitors and users of our services. For instance, it is beneficial to know:

  • What time(s) you visit our website
  • What type browser you use
  • What operating system (OS) you use.

Please be assured that Information of such kind does not allow us to disclose one’s identity. Our administrators use the data acquired solely for:

  • Amending and customizing our company’s content.
  • Improving and developing this content and for making improvements to the presentation and structure of information.

We do not share, disclose, or sell any kind of information. All data is handled in the strictest confidence.

Use of Cookies uses the valuable data provided by cookies to:

  • Understand how our site is used, how often, and so on.
  • To improve our site’s features and functionality.            

Collection of Personal Data

When customers first use our services, we create an account for them. This involves completing an online registration form with mandatory fields for:

  • The customer’s name
  • A contact telephone number
  • A valid email address

No one but our own employees can access the information you provide and it is used only to complete any orders you place e.g. if we need clarification, approval or additional information from you. Therefore, in order to be able to help you as best we can, it is important you provide us with accurate, information. We assure you this information will never be sold, shared, disclosed, published, or sent to the third parties.

Processing of Online Payments

You need not worry that your financial details will be compromised when you use because our systems are fully encrypted and highly secure. In addition, to reduce the risk of fraud, we check customer identity.                     

The Customer’s Rights/Entitlements

If any of the information you provided needs to be corrected, replaced, removed or altered, it is your right to make such changes.