In many countries of the African continent, there are wars that arise due to political influence. This occurs after a political party wins and the opposition feels that they did not lose fairly. In many African countries, the leaders are the ones who stir up the wars. They influence their supporters towards demonstrations, which end up in civil war among the citizens.

As we see in this article, Kasongo escaped death in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He is a victim of political war. According to him, his country is a place where conflicts are resolved with violence and opposing the ruling party is unheard of. He served as a bodyguard of a presidential candidate who was opposing the ruling party. To him, he was doing the job to support himself financially not knowing that this would ruin his life. After elections, his boss who was a presidential contender lost and this complicated his life. He was persecuted of being part of the opposition. Due to this accusation, he had to flee for his life.

Although he managed to escape death, his family was left in trouble. While he was in the host country, he received a message that his father had died. The Congolese police killed him. This is a clear demonstration that the police do not care about the people’s welfare.

Such kinds of wars affect many including those who are very innocent such as children. Those who manage to escape are posed to many hardships that are difficult to overcome. They are traumatised and stressed due to the experience of the war that they fled.

In conclusion, politics can be a great threat in a country. People should be wise enough to control themselves during political times to avoid wars that accrue because of politics. They should also refuse to listen to leaders who tell them to fight the opposing party.