Monsters are fictional creatures that are mostly to be found in the horror fiction and other legends. In most cases, these creatures produce fear by their actions or even the appearance. At the beginning, of this lesson, my perception towards these creatures was not in any way positive. I believed that monsters existed and dreaded the day I would meet one of them. According to the Monster Anticipation Guide, I never believed that these creatures were imaginary. The experience I had gotten from watching the horror movies made me believe that these creatures could appear on earth to claim for bloodshed (Staley, 2010).

Progressing with this unit has made me realize a lot in terms of what monsters are. Earlier on, I believed in the literal meanings of these creatures and their existence somewhere out of the earth’s sphere. Learning has made me realize the deeper meaning that lies behind them. The mention of the word “monster” connotes something evil and cruelty. In most cases, the origin of these creatures is always never known. They are always depicted as different creatures and are always fighting against humans. I have realized that the word “monster” is symbolist in nature. To humans, the mention of this name evokes the need to chase it, kill it or even destroy it (Poole, 2011).

A monster can also be figuratively used to depict the character of a person who is greedy in nature. It can be show the one who takes part in doing horrible things. However, I have found out that not all monsters are bad. Some of them can be used for noble purposes to the humans (Wardle, 2006). I was not thinking of their innocence, as of something important. I have now realized that my preconceived mind is to be blamed for what I believed. I have also learnt that monsters are important characters in a movie. Due to their mysterious nature, they do bring with them some suspense and captivation to the audience. The deeper studying of this unit has made me acquire the greater understanding of monsters.