The right to life

This is the most important human right there is in the universe. This is mainly because without life no other laws and rules apply. Even though it cannot be evidently verified, this is the most important both in the local or domestic and in the international arenas.

Even though this is the case, in some parts of the world, human sacrifice is an accepted practice, which actually takes place. Some sacrifices are done openly whereas others are suppressed. Whether openly done or suppressed, this practice violates all the rights to life. However, the international arena does not entertain these sacrifices and states that every human has the right to live his/her own life. In my opinion, in this case, the international law is the most effective here since it is not partial and does not allow taking of an individuals’ life under any circumstances. It seeks to reserve the right to life.

Right to privacy

Privacy is an important aspect of individuals’ life and need to be addressed at all the levels. There are some vital information that are supposed to be known only to the individual concerned and those that he/she reveals to personally and in a confidential relationship. Revealing of this information if it does not concern you is an offence and must be treated as one.

However, some domestic and local approaches allow the disclosure of information without the execution of a penalty for so doing. In the international approach, the information is only released in special cases, which may include:

  1. The information may be hazardous to others around you.
  2. The information may be harmful to yourself and therefore you may need psychiatric help etc.

Even as the information is released, it is released in an official manner only to the people who need the information for appropriate action. The people who receive the information are also bound only to use the information for the intended purposes.

In this case, my opinion would be that the international approach is more effective in ensuring that the privacy of an individual’s information is well catered for.

As much as human rights have been viewed as a tug of war between governments and the individuals, there has been a shift in the implementation of the universal human rights taking a new turn to the battle lines between communitarian conformity and the growing network of freethinking autonomy-asserting individualists everywhere. These two factors act as great hindrances in the application of the universal human rights in diverse ways.

The growing argument on the communitarian argument has been well placed in writing by Professor Adeno Addis of Tulane University: “One cannot have a right as an abstract individual. Rather, one has a right as a member of a particular group and tradition within a given context.” This therefore means that individuals join groups in order to formulate their own different rights that bar others from reaching them. Sharp criticism came after there came about a judge made law in the US, which forwarded claims stated that it reduced the power of the civic virtues that were used in the sustenance of the responsibility of each community member to the civic virtue as a whole.

The development of such human rights diminishes the power contained in the universal human rights since the exception of such small groupings removes the universal aspect of the whole human rights. This weakens the universal human rights, rendering them irrelevant at various points.

The transformation into a society filled with free thinkers who are not bound in any way by their words or actions acts as a great obstacle to the implementation of universal human rights since there is no particular unifying factor. The presence of the universal human rights acts as a unifying factor to ensure that all persons, regardless of their thoughts are placed under the same human rights.

Now human rights have seized being based on the different cultures and peoples that are involved in it, it has now taken a turn to a level ground in this highly modernized transcultural society. Therefore, people need to accept this and increase the level of acceptance of this fact.